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WHERE DO I CONNECT? | Džiugas Kunsmanas and Adrian Carlo Bibiano

20 August 17.00 | shopping mall Akropolis, Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49
21 August 19.00 | Kaukas stairs, next to the fountain, Kauko al. 5
22 August 13.00 | Vytautas Magnus War Museum, K Donelaičio g. 64
22 August 19.00 | Yard of Kaunas Culture Centre,  Kęstučio g. 1


Creators and performers: Džiugas Kunsmanas and Adrian Carlo Bibiano

Duration: 30 min.

Recent events in the world made most of the people distant from each other, rhythm of life has changed, we’re forced to find communication alternatives, and avoid physical contact. As we are slowly coming back to communicate the way we used to Džiugas Kunsmanas and Adrian Carlo Bibiano are looking for a non-verbal contact between acrobat and dancer.

Contact, in the sense of touching, doesn’t really exist in physics. In fact, when we are standing on the floor we are not really touching it. Electrons that are in the floor are repelling electrons of our feet, electromagnetic field is being created between them so in an atomic level they can never really touch each other. Even though, we can still feel a hug from a person that is close to us. Using different movement languages, artists will speak about this topic and try to create unusual, but honest dialog between the viewers.

©Karolina Latvytė Bibiano