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UV6 | UV | premiere!

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20 August (Thursday) 18.00 | Yard at Kęstučio str. 57A
21 August (Friday) 16.00 | Yard at Kęstučio str. 57A


Director Vilma Raubaitė
Composer Mantas Patsmantas ( Šarūnas Zenkevičius)
Writers: Marius von Mayenburg, Berta Tilmantaitė, Česlovas Milošas, Mantas Patsmantas, Mary Oliver
Actors: Donatas Ališauskas, Giedrė Žaliauskaitė, Valerijus Kazlauskas, Šarūnas Zenkevičius
Producer/manager: Ugnė Užkurėlytė

Partners of the premiere: AVM Graičiūno aukštoji vadybos mokykla

Duration: 50 min.

“A UV index reading of 6 to 7 means high risk of harm from unprotected Sun exposure. Protection against skin and eye damage is needed. Reduce time in the Sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If outdoors, seek shade and wear Sun protective clothing, a wide brimmed hat, and UV-blocking sunglasses.” (Wikipedia)

Five independent artists gathered in 2018. They called themselves Company “UV”, the idea of which was the name of M. von Mayenburg play “FireFace” (“Ugnies Veidas”). And that was a starting point and the beginning of the creative group’s conversations, leading to a deeper collaboration, reflecting the themes of self-isolation, impaired communication, search for identity and the commitment of an individual to be a member of society while keeping his/her sense of self.

Performance “UV6” is rethinking one’s experiences in the childhood yard, which becomes a safe zone by reflecting the time and sense of in-between-ness in one’s world of nowadays Kurts, Olgas, Pauls (characters from the play). The characters in today’s play(ground) – in their own names – are trying to find their place in the adult system, to fill the urban and social media void by connecting The Past and The Present. Not only it
is a place where the recognition of differences from the other or the world constantly and continuously occurs, but also it ultimately leads to the formation of self-identity. They don’t burn anything and don’t kill their parents – they invite you to join the barbeque outside, play games, they try to agree, they try to be “good for everyone”.

Only behind that lies deep loneliness, a sense of self-loss and time in which no one has time. In a society where relationships are made online, where activities and happiness are often expressed only visual on a social network, but this only accelerates anxiety. In fact, even the concept of happiness is so “washed out” that it is no longer possible to understand it –“Happiness not enough! Give me Euphoria!”. The feeling of mismatch, in- between-ness becomes electromagnetic radiation – UltraViolet rays, which in small amounts heal, help to grow, give a feeling of happiness, in large – kills and destroys. Despite all that they are related by some inner connection, something indelible, a memory common to all, which for that moment appears in their eyes.