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Performance “Arrived” is Moved to the Main Programme in the end of August

The constantly changing situation abroad has adjusted ConTempo programme. According to the latest instructions of the Ministry of Health, the performers of the show “Arrived” will have to stay in isolation for two weeks after returning from an artistic trip in Austria. In compliance with all safety requirements, festival organizers have postponed the events planned for 5-9 August and moved them into the main programme of the festival in late August.

New dates and venues:

18 August (Tuesday) 19.00 | Zapyškis, Farmers market near gass station „Viada“, Vytauto str. 20A
19 August (Wednesday) 14.00 | Šančiai, next to „Korys“ centre, Danų str. 15A,
19 August (Wednesday) 19.00 | Girionys, next to KMAIK canteen, Liepų str. 10
20 August (Thursday) 14.00 | Vilkija, park near the medical centre, Bažnyčios str. 27
20 August (Thursday) 19.00 | Kulautuva, next to Seniūnija, Poilsio str. 5
21 August (Friday) 14.00 | Kačerginė, Liepų park, next to cafe „Kačerga“, J. Janonio str. 6
21 August (Friday) 19.00 | Linksmakalnis, near Leasure Hall, Liepų str. 7
22 August (Saturday) 14.00 | Neveronys, parking lot of the shop “Aibė”, Keramikų str. 7
22 August (Saturday) 19.00 | Sitkūnai, near the gate of Sitkūnai radio station, Sausio 13-osios str. 25B

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