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OL’ THAT | Aleksey Smolov (Latvia)

For the first time in ConTempo festival – a performance only available for the ones who see it by accident!

Contemporary circus artist will surprise the visitors of Kaunas Bus Station with his short performances.

Duration: 12 min.

The performance is an act of self reflection through the various interactions with an object – a Cyr wheel. It is based on the physical material that was obtained during the recent artistic residency in Lithuania, where the topics of control, habits, nature of matter and relation to the emotional states where researched.

Audience is invited to follow the conversation of two that starts from tiny movements and careful phrases in order to explore each other and search for a connecting bond. A co-travel that continues through different states and moods – from playful touches and a tag game to the nightmare of abuse. 

Aleksey Smolov is a Latvian contemporary circus performer and teacher. Coming from the background of martial arts, Aleksey was introduced to the circus arts years ago and fiercely fell in love with it. A Cyr wheel became an apparatus of his passion in this ongoing adventure and a medium to explore the outer and inner worlds. Aleksey takes the audience to this journey of sharing insights and images of real and surrealistic, deep and playful, misleading and sincere.