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ATVANGA I | Austėja Vilkaitytė

Šis paveikslėlis neturi alt atributo; jo failo pavadinimas yra ATVANGA_Gintarė-Gaidamavičiūtė_32-1024x768.jpg

23 August (Sunday) 17.00 | Kaunas City Chamber Theatre

Idea and choreography Austėja Vilkaitytė
Technical assistance: lights – Tomas Zinkus, sound – Gintaras Povilavičius
Choreography assistance Monika Trimailovaitė
Artist Barbora Matonytė
Dramaturgy consultation Laura Šimkutė

Duration: 75 min.
Age guidance: 16+

ATVANGA is an old Lithuanian word meaning pause, stop, rest, respite and shelter. This word becomes a centre point in developing and creating a three-piece performance ATVANGA. Choreographer explores how it is possible to achieve, to experience the atvanga on stage – a space with great traditions of entertainment, productivity, craftsmanship and virtuosity. How to stop for both – the performer and the audience and follow the dance of the lights, air, hearing the “voice” of the back box, how to recognise and appreciate the architecture of space and see the performer as one of the elements.

The performance invites us to stop and rethink – as a Lithuanian composer G. Kuprevičius has said: “Maybe atvanga  can help us find the answers to difficult questions”. In the moments of stillness, A. Vilkaitytė searches for the connection with the past while listening to space and exploring the Lithuanian pop music field, looking for the movement stylistics, expression and manner. The character created by the choreographer introduces the viewer into intertwined discourses, where contexts from various recent pasts and from current issues are revealed through various references, movement and text.

The artist exposes and fictionalizes the existing space at the same time, using theatrical, choreographic tools and performance traditions, while creating the scenography from objects that are already in the ‘room’: curtains, linoleum, rods, etc.

“We’ll have to work hard without any stop in order achieve to rest”

Gintarės Gaidamavičiūtės photos

Šis paveikslėlis neturi alt atributo; jo failo pavadinimas yra ATVANGA_Gintarė-Gaidamavičiūtė_40-1024x768.jpg